Scary Haunted Houses in Connecticut

Haunted, spooky, creepy, and scary are great descriptions for Halloween haunted houses in Connecticut, but when speaking of Scary Haunted Houses in Connecticut We Buy Unwanted Housesa house to live in not so much.

What happens when the house you own is haunted, spooky, creepy, or scary?  It may seem like no one wants to buy your house and you’re stuck with the haunted attraction that never ends. Sunrise Real Estate has a solution for spooky haunted houses in Connecticut.   We promise no tricks only treats at Sunrise Real Estate.

Sunrise Real Estate buys houses in Connecticut for cash no matter the condition. We take care of your scary situations so that you don’t have to clean or repair anything on your property.  Other benefits include a quick closing.  You will also keep more of the sale price because we don’t charge any type of commission in buying your unwanted house.  Sunrise Real Estate is a local business based here in central Connecticut.  This is where we focus our business because this the area we know best.

At Sunrise Real Estate we deal with scary situations.

We can offer solutions if you’re considering a short sale to help preserve your credit (please call before you stop paying your mortgage).  Other scary situations we often deal with are: divorce, inheriting an unwanted property, liens, or bad tenants.  No matter how scary your situation is, Sunrise Real Estate can help.  Just give us a call at (860) 794-0551.

The process of Sunrise Real Estate buying your haunted house in Connecticut is easy.  You give us a call and we will ask you questions about your property and your situation.  We will set up a time convenient for you so we can take a look at the property.  We will give you a fair cash offer for your house.  The price of our offer depends on the area, size of the house, and repairs that need to be done.  There are no fees or obligations for the offer so you have nothing to lose!  Once you decide to accept our offer we can close in as little as 7 days, or when it’s convenient for you.

We Buy Unwanted Houses in ConnecticutBecause we buy houses in cash there is no long waiting period to close and no contingencies.  You will not be asked to fix anything or even clean!  We pay closing costs and do not charge any commissions.  That means more money in your pocket and not having to pay 6% of the selling price like when selling with a traditional real estate agent.  Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our house buying process.

Now is the best time to get rid of your haunted houses in Connecticut.  You can start off the new year with a fresh start with no burdens.

The bottom line: If you have a property that you are ready to sell, we will make you a fair cash offer and close on your timeline or in as little as 7 days.  Ready to take the next steps?  Contact us by filling out this form here or give us a call at (860) 794-0551.

How to Sell Your House Fast in Connecticut

Learn how to sell your house FAST in Connecticut!

Did unwanted house buyers in Connecticutyou inherit a house that is more work than you want?  Is the unwanted house terrifyingly scary?  Are you a landlord who is tired of dealing with horrible tenants and now you need to sell your house fast?  Did you buy a house to fix up and ended up in over your head?  Do you or a loved one need to sell your house to move into a retirement community?  Did you relocate and now you HAVE to sell your house now?  No matter what your situation is, we have the solution if you need to sell your house fast in Connecticut.

No matter your reason for needing to sell your house fast, we know you are looking for a fair price and someone who can buy your house immediately.  We understand you don’t have months to deal with selling your house through a traditional real estate company.

Here at Sunrise Real Estate, we buy properties in any condition anywhere in Connecticut.  Sunrise Real Estate only buys houses in Connecticut because that’s the market we know best.  We have dedicated our business to giving people an opportunity to regain control of their life by giving you a solution to the property that is giving you a headache.  We buy houses in cash so that you get your money fast!

Sunrise Real Estate buys your property FAST and EASY!

Here is the Process:sell my house fast in Connecticut

Step 1:  You tell us about your property. Simply call us at (860) 794-0551 or fill out our form here.

Step 2:  We find a time to meet to view the property and give you a cash offer.

Step 3:  Once you agree, we can close in as little as 7 days!

That’s it! Three easy steps and you have sold your house FAST in Connecticut.

We at Sunrise Real Estate take care of the headaches that come with selling a home.  You don’t have to take care of cleaning or repairs to your unwanted house.  We do that, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time or hard work.  Sunrise Real Estate pays you directly in cash so that you don’t have to wait for financing from a typical buyer.  We here at Sunrise Real Estate directly buy your house.  We don’t try and find a buyer, we are the buyer.  There are no fees or commissions when you sell your house to us.  People choose to sell their unwanted house to us because we take care of everything.  With us, you can sell your house fast and headache free!

Why choose Sunrise Real Estate when you need to sell your house fast in Connecticut?

StephSunrise Real Estate, LLC was founded by Stephanie Cabral in 2012.  Stephanie is a native to Connecticut so she knows the area.  Nothing is worse than an out of state house buyer, they don’t know the area and they waste valuable time.  Stephannie is a licensed lawyer so she can help with even the most complicated probate problems that you are facing.

Want a free no obligation offer for your house?  Call us today at (860) 794-0551 so we can learn more about your house and schedule a time to look at your property.

Do Home-Buying Companies Pay Less When I Sell My Home Fast in CT?


When you say to yourself “I want to sell my home fast in CT,” you worry about getting a fair deal. People commonly assume that companies that buy homes pay less than they’re worth. They typically feel they’re going to sacrifice getting a reasonable price. Yet, many home-buying companies like Sunrise are often make the highest offers. In fact, people choose to sell their homes to these companies because they get the best deal. Here’s how it works.

Most CT Homes We Buy Are Already On the Market

When we buy a Connecticut home, the home is often already on the market. For whatever reason, you may only get offers that are lower than you’d hoped for when you decided to sell. Usually it needs major repairs. Perhaps it wasn’t designed well when it was built. It could be that the market is down in your area and you can’t afford to wait for it to rebound. You want to sell your home as quickly as possible, but you don’t want to get cheated in the process. That’s perfectly understandable.

You Get the Best Possible Offer

What happens if your home is on the market but you can’t get an offer worth considering? What can you expect from a company that buys homes?  You might not realize that home-buying companies can come in and pay you more than other potential buyers. Otherwise, why would anyone sell to companies rather than individuals? If we get the bid, it’s because no one else has offered more. We outbid them or we wouldn’t get the contract.

It’s a No-Hassle Sale

Selling a home through traditional channels can be a complicated and time-consuming process. You may have to do extensive repairs, renovate the home to bring it up-to-date, and spend time and/or money on home staging, When you sell to a company that’s in the business of buying houses, you don’t have to worry with preparations. Your home is acceptable just the way it is.


Your Home Sells Faster

Not only do you get a fair price for your home, but you also have the opportunity to sell it faster. Rather than waiting months for your buyer’s loan to be approved, you can close on your house within just two weeks. If time is an important factor for you, a company that is prepared to buy your home quickly is likely your best option. Are you still wondering can I sell my home fast in CT? You definitely can.

The Decision Is Yours

When you get an offer from Sunrise, you have all the time you want to decide whether to accept it or not. You can see what kinds of offers you will get from others and think carefully about your options. Maurice D., a local real estate agent, tells the story of how his client made that decision after their property sat on the market for months.

“Stephanie bought a multifamily from one of my clients that had inherited a property in need of a lot of work. She was patient with my client as they deliberated and took their time to explore the market. Ultimately, she closed with no financing contingencies or delays when my client was ready.”

In the end, this seller and others like them get the benefits of a quicker, more profitable sale than anyone else is offering them. They walk away with cash and the peace of mind that comes from knowing a problem property is off their hands. So, can I sell my home fast in CT  and still get the fairest possible deal? The answer is yes. Yes, you can.

How would you like to Invest in Real Estate in Central Connecticut?

Invest in Real Estate in Connecticut  Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate in central Connecticut?  Are you looking for a solid investment for your retirement account?  Something to make money for your future and keep your retirement money working hard?  Are you looking for a safe, but profitable alternative to the stock market?  If you answered yes to either of these questions investing in real estate with Sunrise Real Estate might be right for you.

How does investing my retirement account with Sunrise Real Estate work?

When you choose to invest in real estate with your retirement account with Sunrise Real Estate you would need to set up a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA).  Your CPA and Sunrise Real Estate will be able to help you get this set up for you.  A self-directed IRA is similar to an IRA in that it’s a retirement account but what is different between the two is what they let you invest in.  An IRA typically only lets you invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  A self-directed IRA is different.  It allows you to invest in a wide array of items including investing in real estate, with the direction coming from you.  You are in charge.  When investing in real estate with a self-directed IRA it is important to do your due diligence and work with a respected company like Sunrise Real Estate.  A self-directed IRA is for someone who wants to take hold of their financial future and go beyond investing in stocks and bonds to create a better retirement for them and their family and here at Sunrise Real Estate we aim to help you do just that- help you make a better financial future for you and your family.


What is Sunrise Real Estate?

Sunrise Real Estate is a company that buys, fixes, and then sells houses for a profit in Central Connecticut.  We have over $1.4 million of real estate assets.  And a successful track record of renovating properties and paying our investors with a solid return.  Our investors have access to our underwriting to show the feasibility of the project and performance of the property.  We treat our investors just like they are business partners because that’s what they are.  We never hide or sugar coat the truth from investors.  One thing that the owner of Sunrise Real Estate is proud of, is that she will always tell the truth.  Good, bad, or indifferent, she will never lie to you.  Sunrise Real Estate is owned by Stephanie Cabral.  Stephanie is a native to Connecticut so is an expert on the deals she does because she knows the area like the back of her hand.  Stephanie started Sunrise Real Estate in 2012 and has been in the real estate business ever since because of how much money there is to be made!

Investing in Connecticut



Why invest in real estate?  

Real estate is one of the best investments because it has a physical backing, the property itself!  This is very different than most other investments like stocks and bonds that have no backing.  The physical backing of real estate itself means your investment is much more secure.  Real estate is also a finite resource. All the land the earth has today is all it will ever have.  As some people say, God is not making any more land.  Investing in real estate in the long term means investing in a resource that will only become more in demand as time goes by. However, the key to profits in real estate isn’t that the land itself is a finite resource, it’s the infinite possibilities that happen to the land once the house or property is included in the equation.  The sky is the limit with upgrades and style options for any property.  Our team has been trained to know the best upgrades and remodels to incise buyers to bring the strongest profits available.  We know our market of Central Connecticut and invest there because we have already done the experimenting and testing to see what works and what doesn’t.  Experience is what you want in an investment company and experience is what you will find with Sunrise Real Estate.



What are the benefits of investing with Sunrise Real Estate?

We offer both short and long term investments (from 6 months to 10 plus years) Our returns have historically been stronger than the stock market.  But even better than the stock market your investment has a backing the real estate itself. We have a team of experts to help you analyze your investments so you will be confident in your investment and exit strategy.  This also means you do not need to be an expert in real estate to invest with us.  Sunrise Real Estate does our extensive due diligence for each and every property.  Sunrise uses your personal preferences to match the level of risk that you are comfortable taking.  Please never invest with a company that doesn’t have a precise due diligence process.  It’s a risk that you should never take.  Stephanie has spent years perfecting the perfect due diligence process.  It is one of the pillars of why Sunrise Real Estate is so profitable.  We promise to never push you into an investment that is riskier than your own personal comfort zone. We want you to be happy because we only make money when you make money.  And we like to make money!

 Invest in Real Estate

What are my next steps?  

If you know you want to invest in real estate with Sunrise Real Estate or have more questions feel free to click Here or call us at (860) 794-0551.  We provide you with more personalized information and get some information from you to make sure you are a good investment partner for us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Seller Financing: When It Works and Why It Makes Perfect Sense

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When you acquire a Connecticut home through probate or have a house you no longer need, you have several decisions to make. What do you want to gain? Are you concerned about renting to tenants? Are you close enough to the property to manage it well? If you decide to sell, do you plan to sell the home yourself or pay a real estate agent’s fee? Are you going to spend the proceeds or invest it?

With so much to consider, it makes sense to work with someone who knows the ropes and can help you achieve your objectives. With some planning, you can select the buyer that will help you get what you want from the sale. If you want to avoid the hassles of renting your house and invest the proceeds, increasing your profit over time, then selling your house with seller financing is a good option for you.

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Avoid the Hassles of Renting

When you choose to rent out a house rather than sell it for a lump sum, you do get the benefit of receiving your money over time. But, renting comes with a variety of hassles. First, you’ll probably be renting to people you don’t know. They could damage your property, fail to make payments on time, or leave without notice. Also, you have to manage the property, keeping it in good repair to protect your investment. With seller financing, you avoid all those issues. Whoever buys it takes on all the responsibilities of ownership, but you still get your money, including interest, over the long term.

Seller Financing vs. Lump Sum Payment

The benefit of selling a house outright is that you can get a considerable sum of money to do with as you please. But getting a lump sum begs the question: what are you going to do with it? Especially if you’re concerned you’ll spend the money too quickly and be left with nothing. If you would rather stretch that gain over several years and INCREASE your net profit, seller financing might be the solution you need.

A More Secure Investment

You could take the lump sum from the sale of your Connecticut house and invest it in the stock market. Yet, the market can be extremely volatile at times. You don’t know with any degree of certainty whether the stock will rise in value. The stock might go down or even become worthless. With seller financing, the amount of money you’ll receive is already determined and the interest is locked in. No matter which way the stock market – or real estate market – goes, the buyer is legally bound to pay the payments they’ve agreed to pay.

Know Your Buyer

With all these advantages, selling the home with seller financing certainly sounds like an excellent choice. Yet, you have to carefully vet your buyer to make sure they’re qualified. A better option is to sell to a buyer whose business is buying and managing houses, such as Sunrise Real Estate. We are used to managing properties and taking care to satisfy our lenders. Best of all, you’re no longer responsible for keeping the house in good condition. You just sit back and watch the proceeds – plus interest – come into your bank account one payment at a time without the risks and hassles of renting.

Inheriting Your Family Home Through Probate

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The often long, complicated process of inheriting your family home through probate is usually followed by a question. That is what to do with the property you inherited.

When inheriting your family home, you need to decide whether to sell it. Your parents’ home may be where your fondest memories reside. It may be where you had your first birthday party, rode your first bicycle and spent time with your childhood friends. It could be very hard to think of anyone else living in that house. But financially, you may need to see the house objectively, looking at it as if you were thinking of buying it. You would need to look beyond the past memories it contains and focus on the house’s present potential.

Once you see the home as others might see it, you can decide what to do with it. You might base your decision on its condition, the time factor and whether anyone is living in it.

Condition of Home

Take a look around your inherited Connecticut home. What is its condition? How are the mechanicals? And the finishes? Elderly parents are often on a fixed income or physically unable keep up with repairs. So, the house may need extensive work to get it in a saleable condition.

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If you want to get top dollar on the real estate market through an agent, you’ll need to have it in the best condition possible. You’ll need to have all the systems checked out, including plumbing and electrical, to know what to fix. You’ll need to make repairs, paint, and spruce up the home if you want to make it attractive to buyers. Even then, the house may not bring a high enough price to pay your expenses in selling it.

Time Factor

How quickly do you need to deal with your parents’ home? Time may be an important factor for you. You might have financial reasons for needing to sell quickly, too. After all, unless you are going to live in the house, it does you no good until you receive the money from its sale. Or, perhaps you simply want to be finished with the sale so you can put the past behind you and concentrate on the here and now.


Is someone living in the house now? If you or your parents were renting the home to someone, you may need to get them out before you can hand over the keys to a new buyer. You can handle that much legally. However, once they’re out, you’re going to have to deal with whatever they leave behind. Since they have no incentive for leaving the property in good condition, you may be startled at what you find. The renter may have been a hoarder and may have left the home filled to the brim with junk, stacks of newspapers and worthless gadgets.

Selling a Distressed Property

You could certainly get the renters out, clear out the house and fix it up. Then, you could sign an agreement to pay a real estate agent’s commission and put it on the market. Still, it could be months after inheriting your family home before it sells. When it does, you may lose money on the deal due to all these costs.

The beauty of selling your home to a “we buy houses” buyer like Sunrise Real Estate is that you don’t have to do all that work and wait for the house to sell. You don’t have to pay for a real estate agent to sell your house. Instead, you sell the house quickly and easily and receive a large payment in return. You can do whatever you like with the money and then get back to living the life you have chosen. With the transaction taken care of, you can have the peace of mind your parents would have wanted you to have.


The Top 3 Reasons To Consider Seller Financing In Connecticut

Before we get into the reasons why Seller Financing in Connecticut is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family, let’s explain what Seller Financing really is.

Seller financing in Connecticut

Seller financing in Connecticut is when the buyer pays for your home over a period of time. This is done using an installment contract, which is a legally binding contract.   Sometimes, when using seller financing, there is a down payment from the seller.  Just in case you need some of the money right away.  This does not have to be a 30 year time period.  It can be anything that the buyer and seller agree to.  Please contact us to talk about all the different time periods we offer. There are many reasons to consider seller financing in Connecticut, but it usually is not the best for someone who needs (not just wants) their money right away  Now you may be wondering, why should I get my money later if I can get it today?

Top 3 Reasons To Consider Seller Financing In Connecticut

1. Getting your money over a period of time means you will make more money.

What in the world does that mean?  In seller financing, the buyer and seller come to a binding agreement of how the money will be repaid.  Just as if the buyer went to the bank and borrow money.  But here, you (the seller) are like the bank and receive interest on the money owed to you.  If you plan to take your money and put it in a bank account, you will make much more interest from seller financing than any bank could offer in a savings account.  And the best part is, if the buyer breaks the agreed upon contract you can get the house back.  So, your money is now backed by real estate which most people think is much safer than the stock market.

2. Have you inheSeller Financing in Connecticutrited a house from a family member? Do you want to sell it to make some extra money but don’t want all your profits taken from taxes?

Seller Financing in Connecticut is a great option because you get rid of the headache of another home and you get the money over a period of time.  Getting the money over a period of time is better. You stay in a similar tax bracket to your current one instead of jumping to a super high tax bracket.  This can be perfect for someone on government assistance or other retirements that limits how much someone can make per year.  Compare this to if someone wins the lottery (which is how you will feel when Sunrise Real Estate buys your house) the person gets so much more money when they collect their earning over a period of time rather than all at once.

3. Do you have an elderly parent or loved one who you don’t want to live alone anymore?

Seller financing is great for elderly or disabled loved ones who receive Medicare or Medicaid assistance.  Most of these federal programs are income based. Your loved one could become ineligible for these services if they sell their house and get one big paycheck.  We have helped people in Connecticut where the insurance that they are receiving is more important than the money they would receive from a house sale.  Sometimes if a person is on Medicare or Medicaid and then has too much income in a year, it can kick them off Medicare or Medicaid.  This could be horrible if you have a lot of medical bills.

Installment contracts (the agreement of how to pay the money from seller financing) is also a great tool for estate planning.  Talk to your lawyer for specifications in your state and circumstances about using seller financing with estate planning.  Seller financing is a great option for your loved one. It can be set up so your loved one’s monthly payment covers their Assisted Living or Long-Term Care Facility cost.  We can work out the payments to try and keep their monthly income low enough so they can receive assistance from Medicare or Medicaid.

Do you think seller financing in Connecticut might be for you?  Feel free to reach out to us on our website or call us at (860) 794-0551. We provide you with a free offer to buy your house and discuss if seller financing is your best option.

1 Are “We buy houses” companies scams?

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably come across companies wanting to buy your house. You’ve probably heard friends warn you of “we buy houses scams”. Indeed, not all of these companies are created equal. and it’s important for you to know who you’re dealing with and what you want out of the relationship.

I would disagree that there are we buy houses scams because usually, these companies will – at a minimum – offer to purchase your property for cash with no formal inspection or appraisal so they can close quickly. This is great if you are looking to get rid of a problem property fairly quickly. The trad eoff is, this purchase will usually be at a discounted price so if you’re in a strong financial position and the house is turn key, a discounted sale may not meet your needs.

Instead, my recommendation is you want to speak to a more sophisticated company that will have other strategies available to them so a quick sale isn’t the only tool in their toolbox. This means that, while they can purchase the property quickly and for cash, they can also provide more creative solutions that accommodate a broader range of scenarios and goals while still putting the property to work for the seller. Maybe that strategy is some form of seller financing, so the seller is actually receiving interest over time. In effect, their profit from the sale becomes invested in the buyer and that investment that is secured by a tangible asset. This is a great option for houses that are in good condition but might need a little cosmetic updating because by taking the interest generated over time into account, this strategy increases the seller’s total profit. Maybe that strategy is finding a unique buyer. If the seller isn’t in a position to offer seller financing but the property is habitable but outdated, finding a lease option buyer might be a great way to generate some income for the short term and optimize the sales price. This is great for a seller that doesn’t mind being a landlord, but finding the right tenant is important and you can use these “we buy houses” companies to help…if they know what they’re doing.

Finally, not everyone you talk to is going to be a fit. You want to make sure the person you’re talking to is professional, compassionate, non-judgmental but also well connected so that if disposing of the property isn’t the right move, they can (and are happy to) refer you to another field of professionals that can assist you.

At Sunrise Real Estate, we are NOT we buy houses scams.

We are creative problem solvers that seek win/win solutions. We give lots of thought to your unique scenario – the more detail about your finances that you can give us the better our solution will be, and of course we always keep the information confidential. We have successfully purchased properties from trusts, probate estates, situations of multiple decision makers, and properties that were functionally obsolete or condemned. We have a great track record of doing what’s right and testimonials from our investors who have worked with us and come to trust us day in and day out with their investments. Check out our About Page to learn a little more about us.
sunrise 1st kitchen
Hopefully these considerations will help you evaluate whether the company you’re speaking to is the right fit for you when you’re questioning what to do with a house or multifamily property.

If you’re in this position and want to find out if we might be a fit for you or what your options are, please don’t hesitate to call or you can reach out on our website and we’ll call you. It’s free to get an offer and you don’t have to accept so you have nothing to lose.

How To Get The Most Money For A Property You Inherited

If you inherited a house in CT from a probate estate, you may be wondering if you can sell it, when, and how to get the most money for it. This post is going to explain what your options are if you inherited a house in Connecticut and don’t want to keep it.

A few questions you need to ask yourself: Do you need to sell it? Is anyone else a co-owner and, thus, also a decision maker or maybe you need to buy out siblings? Do I want to live in it? If not, do I live close enough to manage it? Am I up for the responsibilities of being a landlord? Is it habitable and in good shape or will I spend a lot of money on updates or ongoing repairs? Can I afford the taxes on the property? Can I afford the expenses and maintenance on the house if a tenant doesn’t pay?

First and foremost, if the property isn’t habitable and you can’t take on the cost or burden of a construction project to make it so, then you’re going to want to get rid of it. It’s unlikely for a new home owner or a retail buyer (someone that wants to buy a house that’s already in move in condition) to buy a distressed property for themselves. Instead, your likely buyer is an investor that specializes in renovation projects. In that situation, it’s probably in your best interest to sell direct to an investor. You don’t need to put the property on the MLS to reach investor buyers. You need to find someone that buys probate houses (hint: we do!) and talk to them. A few benefits of avoiding the MLS:

– You don’t pay a commission to a real estate agent to sell your house.
– You’ll close faster – investors can make decisions and close in a matter of days… often because they have no financing contingency or appraisal to satisfy
– Investors aren’t afraid of distressed properties.

If the property is habitable, you have more options. You can list the property with an agent, but if it’s not updated, you won’t get top dollar for it and you’ll still have to wait for a retail buyer to close…plus not all houses sell! Investor buyers offer a unique advantage in these situations where they can offer creative solutions to maximize the dollar you get on the property and still avoid paying a commission.

CAUTION: Not all house buying companies have the same resources. At Sunrise Real Estate, we pride ourselves on listening to the seller’s situation and crafting a customized win-win, so that the deal works for all parties. And if we can’t make an offer that suits your needs, we also have real estate agents that we’ve vetted over the years and can refer you.

If your inheritance includes a house from an estate in CT, call us. Be prepared for an honest conversation and we’ll make you an offer. YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATION to accept the offer and if it doesn’t work for you, we can always refer you to agents.

Sunrise Real Estate. Solving real estate problems every day.