Simple Tips to Make Your House Cheery During Social Distancing

Social distancing is harder than anyone thought. We’re used to a fast-paced life, brimming with social interactions, shopping trips, outings, impromptu dinners, etc. The sudden disruption in this routine has also proved disruptive to so many people’s mental health. I’ve found it’s times like these where it’s important to control what you can. Since we are a real estate company, I thought I’d share simple tips to make your house cheery during social distancing. We’ve been using these in our own and it’s made a profound impact on our overall health, as we create for an environment that suits our needs.

Tidy up.

Take Marie Kondo’s advice and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Depending on how much you want to throw away, you can get a dumpster delivered to your house for a DEEP clean. A tidy space is a happy space and this is the best place you can start.

Bring out the springtime decorations.

Maybe you’ve been feeling unmotivated to dust off the nice springy door wreath, that seasonal door mat, or put away the heavy winter blankets and pillows but a change in scenery to match the springtime will really help you feel awake and alive in your surroundings.

Add a pop of yellow.

No matter what environment you crave, a simple splash of yellow lemons (inspired by my friend and brilliant artist, Lindsey Fyfe) in a decorative bowl or a bouquet of cheery yellow flowers in the kitchen will improve any setting.

Keep light music on throughout the day.

A gentle jazz in the background would be soothing as you walk in and out of the kitchen. A Pandora subscription makes this easy!  Not interested in music? Choose a white noise that works for you. Maybe the sound of wind in the trees, coffee shop chatter, birds singing, etc. Oh, wonder why we keep mentioning the kitchen? It’s the heart of the home and small improvements to the kitchen go the farthest.

Light a scented candles or incense.

Aromas have a powerful correlation to our moods so take advantage of science and hack yourself into happy by lighting a lightly scented candle or your favorite incense. I’m loving the cucumber basil candle from Paddywax right now.

Take time to notice the staging that you’ve done.

Stop and pause to breathe in the good scents, observe the beautiful bouquet, or perfectly simple lemon bowl, while listening to some peaceful sounds. Note them, enjoy them, take pride in them.

How are YOU keeping cheer in your house? I’d love to know.