Learn how to sell your house FAST in Connecticut!

Did unwanted house buyers in Connecticutyou inherit a house that is more work than you want?  Is the unwanted house terrifyingly scary?  Are you a landlord who is tired of dealing with horrible tenants and now you need to sell your house fast?  Did you buy a house to fix up and ended up in over your head?  Do you or a loved one need to sell your house to move into a retirement community?  Did you relocate and now you HAVE to sell your house now?  No matter what your situation is, we have the solution if you need to sell your house fast in Connecticut.

No matter your reason for needing to sell your house fast, we know you are looking for a fair price and someone who can buy your house immediately.  We understand you don’t have months to deal with selling your house through a traditional real estate company.

Here at Sunrise Real Estate, we buy properties in any condition anywhere in Connecticut.  Sunrise Real Estate only buys houses in Connecticut because that’s the market we know best.  We have dedicated our business to giving people an opportunity to regain control of their life by giving you a solution to the property that is giving you a headache.  We buy houses in cash so that you get your money fast!

Sunrise Real Estate buys your property FAST and EASY!

Here is the Process:sell my house fast in Connecticut

Step 1:  You tell us about your property. Simply call us at (860) 794-0551 or fill out our form here.

Step 2:  We find a time to meet to view the property and give you a cash offer.

Step 3:  Once you agree, we can close in as little as 7 days!

That’s it! Three easy steps and you have sold your house FAST in Connecticut.

We at Sunrise Real Estate take care of the headaches that come with selling a home.  You don’t have to take care of cleaning or repairs to your unwanted house.  We do that, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time or hard work.  Sunrise Real Estate pays you directly in cash so that you don’t have to wait for financing from a typical buyer.  We here at Sunrise Real Estate directly buy your house.  We don’t try and find a buyer, we are the buyer.  There are no fees or commissions when you sell your house to us.  People choose to sell their unwanted house to us because we take care of everything.  With us, you can sell your house fast and headache free!

Why choose Sunrise Real Estate when you need to sell your house fast in Connecticut?

StephSunrise Real Estate, LLC was founded by Stephanie Cabral in 2012.  Stephanie is a native to Connecticut so she knows the area.  Nothing is worse than an out of state house buyer, they don’t know the area and they waste valuable time.  Stephannie is a licensed lawyer so she can help with even the most complicated probate problems that you are facing.

Want a free no obligation offer for your house?  Call us today at (860) 794-0551 so we can learn more about your house and schedule a time to look at your property.